Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update on induce date

Ok, so I got out of my car today, and felt INCREDIBLE pain in my pelvis. It hurt bad! I limped up to our room, where Ross was, and we went to labor and delivery to see what was going on. It felt like his head was coming out of my pelvis bone..that's the only way I can describe the pain. I got checked out, and his head is down there, but that's a good thing! The doctor said my body is really gettting ready for laedr/delivery. My cervix is low and getting ready. She said that I could go back to the Ronald house, but also said that she doesn't know if I can hold out until the 4th.

So, for the induce date change, we are supposed to call labor and delivery at 7:30am, and see if they have a room open. If they don't, we call back in 2 or 3 hours, and check in. This could happen a few times that day. So, kinda sucks, but nothing we can do about it!


This is a picture from our room at the Ronald Mcdonald house. The shopping center is so nice, and they have a fresh fruit stand, which is yummy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Much better NST =)

I went again to get the NST (Non-stress test) for the baby, and he was back to his regular self..his heart rate was higher than yesterday, and he was more active. I think he was just sleepy yesterday, and didn't want to be bothered. =) So, everything looks good! I have my last OB appt tomorrow, and then we just wait for Tuesday's induction..yoo hoo! Bring on the pain and the baby!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The baby's weight

The baby had his last ultrasound, and he weighs 7.5 lbs! The tech also gave me a picture of his foot. His foot is a little over 3 inches long! The NST test wasn't my favorite. His heart rate was on the slower side. The doctor wasn't concerned, but to make ME feel better, they're bringing me back in tomorrrow to get it done again. His heart rate was normal, but just slower than his usual rate. Could be because he's getting bigger she said. Anyway, here is a picture of his 3 inch foot. It's hard to see the outline, but the toes are visable.

One more week!


Monday, February 25, 2008

The surgeon is in India!

**This is coming from my carepages post**...and I want to start posting on both sites until the transition is complete.. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, and I'm thankful for all the people who are thinking about us. So far, no more changes. Just waiting for him to arrive! The only thing that I've been stressing about for 4 hours is this...I was at dinner tonight with people here, and one lady told me that Dr. Reddy is in INDIA!!!!!!! Dr. Reddy is little Ross' heart surgeon. We already met him, and think very highly of him. Our Neonatologist also couldn't say enough wonderful things about him. I will be SO devestated if he is still in India when the baby comes. I've been doing so great, with being positive, and getting ready for this journey, and to hear that the surgeon is in a different country scares me to death, to be honest. I got the phone number to his office from a really nice lady I met here. I am going to give them a call first thing in the morning, and find out when he is expected back to the USA!!! Having Dr. Reddy is something that is really important to me, and I just don't need to have somebody else do the surgery. This might be selfish, but we've already met him, and we know that his specialty is small babies.

Here is a picture of Dr. Reddy...

...let us hope he gets here in time for the surgery!!! I just called his office, and the nurse said he is scheduled to perform a surgery here on March 7, so I am hoping that means he will be in the states a day or so before that. If that is the case, we should be ok. But, let us also hope that the baby will wait until the induce date, and not any sooner..but so far so good. He is being a good boy.

I have an ultrasound tomorrow to get his last growth check. We should find out how much he weighs. A month ago he was 5 lbs. 13 oz. I'm sure he is close to 8 lbs. by now. If I get pictures, I will post them on here.

Have a great week!

The first posting

Hello everybody!

I don't want to make this harder on people to get updates, but....I have found that this type of blog is easier to post photos and videos. And.....I'm sure you want pictures and videos of baby Ross!!! =) I will continue to update both websites..but this one will be the transition to the only one..eventually. We have about 9 more days until I get induced, so there will be plenty of pictures soon. I can't wait to get some videos too. =)


36 weeks