Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Doing great

Baby Ross is still doing great! He got three things taken out today! One of his chest tubes, an IV line in his groin, and his RA line that went really close to his heart. He also got moved to a different room. Since he is doing so well, he doesn't need his own nurse. Soon, he will go to the 3rd floor. They mentioned something about tomorrow, but that seems too soon. He still needs to get two more chest tubes out, and his arterial line. Those are more than likely coming out tomorrow, but not for sure. We got to hold him today! Since his "RA" line was taken out, we can hold him. It was SOOO nice. I posted the pictures of us holding him. More to come though. His sucking technique has come back, so he is eager to suck on his pacifier again. The occupational therapist was very impressed w/ his progress. He has tried the bottle again, and he got a few drops swallowed. It wasn't a good evaluation though, because he was on morphin from the chest tube being pulled out. He was way too tired to be interested in eating. Other than that, he is usually on tylenol now. =) We will keep trying the bottle thing everyday, and see how he does. I'm not too worried about it, and when he is ready he will do it. No pressure on him. He's been through so much already. He is still just breathing room air, and his oxygen is really good. Usually it's about 82-83. This is good for HLHS babies. Well, I will try to update tomorrow. He is sleeping most of the time now because they increased his feeds, so his stomach is full. =)

Dad holding baby for the first time after his surgery

Mom holding baby for the first time after heart surgery

Baby Ross 3/18/08


Our Family said...

What a strong little guy. It sounds like he is making progress very quickly. Pretty soon you'll be holding him with no cords attached!


Valerie said...
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Andrea said...

I am so impressed with how quickly everything is happening! You guys will be home in no time! You all look great, I am so glad to read this post.