Monday, August 25, 2008

Good report from cardiologist!

Baby Ross had his one month follow up w/ Dr. Wright last week, and I forgot to post. Dr. Wright needed his new medication info, and I left it in the car. He said he would watch the baby (we're in the exam room). I came back from the car, and they weren't in the room. I went in the echo room to see the cutest thing. Dr. Wright was sitting on the little bed (for kids), holding the baby as the tech performed an echo. It was so cute!!! He said that was the highlight of his day, and now he knows what parents feel like having to keep the baby still.... =) Ross was being good, like always, but he still had to keep him still. I asked if he wanted me to take the baby, and he said no. It was pretty cool standing right behind the echo machine, to see a close up of his heart. After that, he handed the baby off to me, and we went back to the exam room, where baby Ross decided to take a very STINKY poop. He always does this at the doctor's office.

Anyway, everything looks good, and Dr. Wright is very impressed w/ baby Ross. =)

My surgery is coming up, September 5, in Stanford. I should be there 5-7 days. My mom said she would update the blog, and post pictures. I'm going to let her take pictures of me right after surgery, and post them. I'm sure it will be different seeing a heart mom be the patient! =) I'll let you know what it was like.

Here are some recent pictures. Baby Ross is developing so quickly! He's trying really really hard to sit up on his own. His back muscles are really strong. He is eating baby food (when he really wants to). So far, it's a hit or miss if he'll eat it. He loves his bottles a lot. He is doing really good on his tummy. He holds his head up high, and now he just wants to move. He loves to kick his legs all the time. SO active~and such a good baby. He only fusses when he's hungry or tired. I think he's getting a tooth pretty soon. There is drool EVERYWHERE!!! It runs down my arm when i hold him, he loves to chew on my fingers (and his), so I think it's a sign. I'm new at this stuff, but I think I feel a little swelling on the front bottom gum line. He will be 6 months September 5. =) He's growing so fast.

DROOL, everywhere...never stops!!!

The shirt had to come off...


Valerie said...

Please let your mom know I am here to help with anything.

You will do well!

Kira said...

Thank you, I will let her know. =)

Carol S said...

Hi Kira, I found your post while randomly searching around (baby drool is my favorite topic) and your story really touched me. Your son is just beautiful and I know you are both going to come through your surgeries and health challenges together amazingly.

Your blog is also great for letting us know about other babies with heart problems. Thank you for sharing.

If you contact me through my company website, I would be happy to send you some free gifts for little Ross. Best wishes to all of you.
Carol S

Michelle said...

Hey Kira,
It's Michelle, from the group. I just wanted to let you know that we are here if you need anything during or after surgery.
Ross is so adorable, and congratulations on the Cardiology appointment! I love hearing docs say they are impressed with the heart kids! :)

Allison said...

Wow, September 5th? So soon. Along with everyone else, if you need anything, let me know!