Monday, August 11, 2008


proud grandparents

Here are some recent pictures of baby Ross being home. He is doing great, and Dr. Warden said his color is amazing. He doesn't hear a murmur, and also told me if he didn't have all the scars, he wouldn't think anything is wrong with him...even listening to his heart! Now, this is the pediatrician, not a cardiologist, but still good to hear.

We saw Dr. Warden because the baby's eye was looking infected. He was also born w/ clogged tear ducts. This happens to 5-10% of babies. His right eye is better, but the left eye is still blocked. This caused a secondary infection. Not pink eye. So, we have eye drops, and we need to massage his eye area at every diaper change. It's not a big deal, and should resolve by 9 months. His eye looks a lot better this morning.

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Allison said...

Glad to see him looking so good! He is such a cute little guy!
I can't wait to meet him one of these days!