Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post-op Day 2

An update from Kira's mom:

Kira had the CT scans (heart and brain). There is a little swelling in her brain which is to be expected following a stroke. There is a little blood at the site where the patch was placed on her aorta, but nothing of concern.

Her right leg is slow to respond, but once it does, she can move it pretty well. Can't move her right arm or any fingers on her right hand, but there is a place on her right arm where she could feel the nurse touch her.

She squeezed her Dad's hand with her left hand and knew he was there with her.

Plan is to gradually reduce the output of the ventilator to see how she will do breathing on her own. If all goes well, she will be extubated tomorrow morning 7 or 8 am. They are also gradually reducing her pain meds because she'll need to be able to cough in order for the breathing tube to be removed.

All for now.

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