Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday update

Update from Kira's mom for yesterday:

Kira was proudly showing off pics of the baby to the nurses. Foley cath was removed. Kira was moved to a private room at the end of the hall. It has room for a cot in there. It's perfect. She was sucking water from oral swabs and said she was hungry. She has a feeding tube like Baby Ross had (ng tube). The IV in her neck was removed and her only IV is now on the top of her right hand. She sat up in a cardiac chair for a long time during the day. Therapist staff is at a minimum over the weekend, but we tracked down a speech therapist who gave us some information on aphasia. She did say not to go out and buy flash cards because Kira is going to get better and we won't need them. So nice to hear.
We requested that an Occupational therapist see her today to do a gag reflex and hopefully have her eat something. Baby Ross will be paying a visit today. Kira will be able to play with him with her left hand without him trying to grab any tubes, cords, etc.!


Allison said...

Wow, it sounds like you've made steady progress Kira!
I'll bet little Ross just makes your day, the way no one else could!
Hang in there Kira, you have lots of prayers headed your way!

Chris said...

Hey Cousin! Chris and Lindsay here to wish you our very very very best, as our prayers are with you. We have people literally all over the world praying for you as well (Lindsay's Dad being a minister and all), and we look forward to Aunt Ownie's text updates- every update gets better and better :-). We know you're gonna make it through this, and stay strong cuz!

With much love,
Chris, Lindsay and Opie (pug-dog)
--<-<-@ (flower)