Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update to Day 1

Kira did in fact have a stroke, which has affected the right side of her body. The stroke team is on board. There is a clot that went up to the left side of her brain. It is not advisable to remove it because it could cause a hemorrhage, so they are leaving it where it is.

Kira was able to move her right leg today, but hasn’t moved her right arm yet. She is still intubated since she will be needing a CT scan & MRI tomorrow. Good news is that there is minimal blood flow to the brain, rather than none. The doctors have said she will definitely need physical therapy and there is a possibility of brain damage, but they won't know until more tests are done. When she does wake up she can nod her head or move her eyes to communicate.

Please be praying for Kira.


Valerie said...

Thinking of you Kira and family. we love you!

Our Family said...

Okay, well that post had a little more positive information than I thought. I'm glad she is responsive and able to move. But I am not happy about this. I know you will come through just fine, though. We love you, and I'm going to go and have a drink for you...right now.

Bahar said...

Kira stay strong! God works in mysterious ways. Our love thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please let us know if you need help with baby Ross.


Torrente Family

Anonymous said...

Prayers, prayers and more prayers!

Amber said...


I'm praying for you!!!!


Allison said...

You are constantly in our thoughts & in our prayers.
Hang in there!

erich said...

Kira - you are in our thoughts and prayers - the Heckelman family

Simmons Family: said...

Thinking of you Kira! Lots of prayers that things will go well with the MRI. Be strong for both your Ross's!