Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy day today!

Today we had to get his shots =(, go get another xray, and go see Dr. Wright, and go to Target. We went to Roseville for his shots, and he really didn't mind that too much! He smiled at the nurse after it was done, so if that tells you anything. Then, we went to Target, got some baby food, and Tylenol. We drove to Sutter Memorial for his Xray. I asked the tech not to put him in the "torture chamber" (as Amber put it, and I agree!). But, the tech said because they're looking for fluid, he has to be like that... It wasn't fun. Poor baby. Then, we went to Dr. Wrights office. It was so hot, the baby was starting to get grumpy from his shots, and I was starving.. It was just a crazy day I guess. My anxiety is starting to creep up on me as the days get closer and closer to my surgery. Dr. Wright could tell I was a mess, and he suggested I take 4 hours to myself. I was like, wow, that would be a record! He said that us parents are slaves to our kids, and we need to take time to ourselves. Then I was thinking about Andrea who just went on a cruise, and I think that is such a great idea! I want to do that when everything settles down. Anyway, baby Ross' xray looks good! He was kinda fussy tonight, but not that bad. The shots are making him sleepy though. I can hear him snore on the baby monitor right now, and it's so cute.

We're off to Stanford in the morning. Thank you everyone for all of your comments, it means a lot. I am nervous about this, and I just want to be ok for my baby. I'm so used to being in control over medicines, baths, feedings, diapers, dr. appts, bills, all that stuff, and now I will be relying on my family. I know they will do a good job, but it's hard on me. I have my certain ways of doing things, and I guess I'm kinda particular about things, maybe too much. I might be slightly over-protective? But, can you blame me? Having a heart baby might do that to people. He's just so precious to me, and I've seen him go through the worst things, and keeping him healthy, safe, happy, and away from GERMS is so important to me.

Ok, enough of that..here is a video of him LOVING the paper stuff from the doctor's office. He does this at every appt, but this time I took a video. He gets a determined look on his face.


Andrea said...

That is a crazy day! And you didn't even mention packing, which you must have been doing since you're leaving in the morning. I'll be keeping you in my prayers through surgery & recovery. I know you'll do great, just like little Ross! Make sure your mom has my email and I'll be happy to update your blog while you're gone!

Simmons Family: said...

That is HILARIOUS!! Owen does the same thing with the paper... I need to buy me a roll of it for playtime! Good Luck with your surgery.. you are a strong momma and can do this. I am a little OCD about the way I do things with Owen so I understnad that it's not going to be easy to put that responsibility in someone else's hands. Take time to heal and rest up post op then you deserve a CRUISE!!