Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update to Day 6

An update from Kira's mom:

I called ICU this morning and was told that Kira was talking (whispering) more this morning. She also communicated to the nurse that she wanted to see the baby. The nurse told me she was crying earlier. I asked if Kira could get her hair washed and we'd bring the baby to see Mommy after that.

When I got to the hospital Kira was in and out again (from her meds) but the nurse told me she had been up in the chair again and talking more. When Kira was alert she was in a lot of pain and was very sad. Her hair looked great. Told her the baby would be arriving shortly and when he and his daddy and other grandma got there the room filled up with nurses admiring his cuteness. It was a little ICU party. They never see babies in that unit. Kira couldn't hold him but his visit did lift her spirits.

Dr. Oakes said they may be doing a bronchoscopy later today. The paralysis of her left diaphragm limits her ability to exercise her left lung, so there is some buildup that needs to be removed. We want to prevent pneumonia. She also said that Kira probably doesn't feel like she's making any improvements but that in fact she is. They plan to keep her in ICU another day.

I spoke with the case manager who said Kira's insurance is accepted at Mercy General Rehab Unit in downtown Sacramento, and she has contacted them (not with any specifics). That is the place referred by my 2 contacts the other day. PT in Stanford said she is a good candidate for rehab because she'll be making progress and she'll work in therapy 3-4 hours a day.

The bronchoscopy was done in Kira's room at 4:00. It went well. Sometime during the procedure Kira's right arm moved into a "pledge of allegiance" position and then back again. I don't know what that means, but I know it's something good!

A fundraising committee was born this morning. This has been at the very least a trying year for this little family financially. There is still much uncertainty about the current situation, and creative minds are going to find a way to give these kids a break already. Bless you!

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Folsom Al said...

I'd like to help ...

Include me in your plans for this Fund Raising Committee

I have a few ideas and lotsa people that would like to contribute their time and efforts.