Thursday, September 11, 2008

Post-Op Day 5

I'm sorry I didn't get to post this yesterday. But there was lots of good news!

At 6:30 last night Kira's arterial line was taken out.
The Stanford side of the hospital, where Kira is recovering, is much different from the children's side. Visiting hours are very limited, but they are making all kinds of exceptions for Kira's family and they are very appreciative. They are still not allowed in during shift change and rounds and during any procedures.

ICU visiting hours are:

Last night therapists showed Ross how to help exercise her right arm and leg. The therapist said that Kira feeling Ross' hands helping her would do more good than therapists' hands. They are trying to stimulate her nerves.

Today Kira was sitting up in a chair! They said that she could balance herself when she sat on the edge of the bed. She looked SO much better. Very alert and very responsive. The occupational therapist was with her and Kira was feeding herself ice chips with her left hand. Each and every step of this was very deliberate as all the muscles we take for granted when we eat are having to re-learn their jobs. She did very well.

Results of CT scan were good for her brain; the scan for her repair still shows some blood. The doctors aren't too terribly concerned about this but they are taking a conservative approach and are keeping an eye on it. Once cardiology gives the ok, she'll be moved out of ICU and into the stroke ward. Some pics:

Kira can make some very soft sounds - she said her name, birthdate, and counted to 10.
Dr. Murphy said that Dr. Hanley believes he knows where the blood clot came from that caused the stroke, and the family will be meeting with him to discuss.

Here are a couple pictures of Baby Ross from yesterday.


Allison said...

Thanks for the is great to hear good news! We are praying hard for you Kira!

Aunt Pat Pat said...

Andrea, I am Leona' sister, Kira's aunt. I'd just like to thank you on behalf of all Kira's family and friends for keeping us up to date with this blog. I find myself checking it several times a day and I really appreciate what you're doing for us!