Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2 days after sugery

Baby Ross is such a trooper. He's had his share of suffering, that's for sure. They try to keep him comfortable, but it's hard for him. BUT....they took out his R.A. line, and 3 IV's. Yey!!! Now I can hold him. He still has his 3 chest tubes, and only one I.V. just in case they need it. He is off all medications, and is just taking Tylenol and Motrin. Everything is looking so good, and the doctors are very happy with his progress. He is moving to the 3rd floor today! His chest tube drainage is better, but they want to keep them in today. You know Stanford, very Conservative..which is OK. I do hope they come out tomorrow. They said when all three are out, he can go home. I figured out why his eyes were so puffy and red. Doctors were saying edema, but i disagreed, and I was right. He has a sensitivity to paper tape. He's been trying to scratch his eyes ever since day one of surgery, and they were puffy and irritated. I finally came to the conclusion that they had to put tape over his eyes during surgery, and that was causing him itchy eyelides. The doctor then agreed and gave him benedryl. It helped! I took another picture of his face, and he looks so much better now. I will post the picture later, but I gotta go now.


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Andrea said...

Wow, Ross is doing amazing! I'm so glad things are going well for you guys. Good job figuring out the paper tape thing too!