Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, baby Ross was sleeping most of the day from the Tylenol codeine. Then when he was awake, he would just stare at the wall. He was OUT of it!!!! I asked the N.P. to cut back on the codeine because it was way too much for him. She agreed. His right chest tube is still putting out just a little of the creamy stuff, but it's pink, so it's hard to tell. Dr. Reddy wants him to go on a low fat formula, but the N.P. disagreed. I had to side w/ Dr. Reddy, and who wouldn't? So, there is a problem now w/ getting the formula because he is sensitive to cow's milk protein, which is in most formulas. Even the GI doctor in Folsom had me on a non dairy diet, because of breastfeeding. Because of this, they need to consult w/ the GI doctor here before giving him this new formula. Hopefully tomorrow he can start it. Even w/ all of this, we might go home this weekend! His xrays look good, and the output of the 2 tubes was 10 cc's total in 24 hours. That's really good.

Then, the little guy wanted to scare us some more..He has been stuffy in the nose since we came to the 3rd floor. We've been using the nose suction, and saline drops. I kept asking nurse after nurse, N.P. after N.P., even doctor after doctor....nobody would help, or even care. Finally, a blessing. Our nurse tonight actually did something about it. I told her about it, and also told her that I woke up this morning from a sore throat and stuffy nose. I then noticed the vent in this room is filled w/ dust! Nasty!!!!!! I know that I can get sensitive at times w/ dry air, and dust. So, maybe he is too. So, he got some benedryl, and I put saline drops in his nose. He seems to be better now. Actually, big Ross is at Safeway getting me some benedryl because I'm not feeling so good.

Baby Ross decided about 45 minutes ago that he just needed some hot nurses in his room. He was starting to desat to the high 60' after our nurse tried increasing his oxygen, moving the probe from foot to foot, another nurse came in. She tried the same thing. Then, a third nurse came in, and baby Ross was struggling to poop. My trick at home is a rectal thermometer. So, there we were, sticking that thing up there, and he poops! But, his sats were the same. Finally, they put the probe on his hand, and HELLO, 90%. All of these nurses were just telling him how cute he is, and making him smile. He was loving it. He's a ladies man.

So, now he is sleeping, and that was our night tonight.

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