Sunday, July 20, 2008

He is doing good

He's still intubated, but they are cutting back on his breathing through the tube. That means that he is over breathing the vent. It's a good thing. He started moving around, so the nurse gave him morphin, and within 30 seconds, he started getting really active, so we had to hold his arms down a litte. I remember this from his last surgery, the morphin makes him hyper kinda. So, i told the nurse and they will use Fentynal instead. Then, she gave him some versed, and that did the trick. She also brought in some earphones, and i brought in a CD that he listened to inside the womb. That's helping too.

Other than that, vitals are stable, and they plan to extubate later tonight I think. His color looks really good. He looks darker to me. They have him in an upright position because of the increased blood flow to the head and upper extemities (from the glenn), and i guess this can cause a headache for a short period of time. this is standard procedure. He also got a tylenol suppository, which i thought to be interesting..

I'll update when we get more news!


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