Monday, July 28, 2008

We're going home tomorrow!

So far, all the labs are very good, and the culture after 24 hours hasn't grown, so if it's still no growth in the morning, we're outta here! Today, my cardiologist, Dr. Murphy did rounds (he's also a peds cardiologist), and he asked if I could come down to his clinic downstairs for some pictures. I guess Stanford is doing an article about adult congenital heart defects in hope of promoting donors, funding, etc. for our little one's. I was so honored to help out w/ that. They just took a picture of me and Dr. Murphy in an exam room, with him checking my pulses. He's such a great doctor.

I met a cute little boy, who is 2 years old. He is here waiting for a heart transplant. His mom kept telling his pediatrician that something wasn't right, and the Dr. kept saying, "you're a new mom, and you're just being paranoid." She knew something wasn't right. She took him to Fresno Children's hospital, and they took an xray. His heart looked like Mickey mouse. His atriums are enlarged, and getting worse. He has some rare heart defect restricting mylopathy? I can't remember, but this was a total shock for the family. They tried for 3 years to get pregnant, and now, their precious 2 year old is on the 1A heart transplant list. He is so adorable, and his mother is the sweetest thing. I'll be thinking about them. The doctor who kept telling mom that nothing was wrong flew here twice to apologize, and was crying, offering money. She denied it, and said, "please, just don't tell new mom's that they are paranoid." We know are kids better than the doctors do, and I hope that opens up his eyes. Maybe he can spread the news of this unfortunate situation, and more doctors will start listening to us.

I saw Drew's picture on the board here in 3 west. He's so cute. He really stands out on that board. Smiling little guy. I don't know how Andrea did it here for 7 weeks, and Drew, having chest tubes in for so long. He's a tough little man, and I admire their family.

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