Sunday, July 27, 2008

Post op 6

Last night I stayed at the hotel again, and so did Ross. My mom stayed w/ the baby for the second night. He had a good night. But, before I left, his temp rectally was 100.3. A half hour later it was 99.9. The doctors didn't seem too concerned because it came down, and he looked really good. Vitals were great. This morning, they took blood work for routine stuff. Then, the surgeons wanted his blood cultured because of the small low grade fever he had yesterday. This means that the culture has to sit for 48 hours. This means being discharged Tuesday, instead of tomorrow. I was so bummed out. Well, still bummed out. He looks so good, and even the N.P. thinks he's ok. With only a single ventricle, they have to be cautious. There is still a slight possiblity that he can go tomorrow. We're waiting for the first blood draw results. If the white count is low, that's a good sign that he's not infected. Then, if the culture after 24 hours doesn't show anything, that's another good sign. I'm thinking, if the two signs are good tomorrow, and he looks good, why can't they send us home. If the culture does come back showing something, they can call us, and we can go to a local hospital for anitbiotics. Stanford doesn't like that too much, but I do. I guess we're just ready to leave. This hospital is making us sick, literally.

That's it for now. He also got a visit from his other grandma this morning, so that was nice. My mom left, and so did Grandma Lou. Baby Ross is resting, and I'm still wearing a mask, as I'm still a little sick. Nyquil, rest, and a very hot shower seems to do the trick.

I'll post pictures later.

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