Sunday, July 20, 2008

He's in the operating room!

We handed him off at 8am today. I am happy that he got in, but still having the emotions of it all. I'm actually doing better than I expected, but it's still hard. We're just glad to get this over with!!! He went in at 8am, and he should be done around 2pm. I just went back to the CVICU to get breastfeeding bottles/labels, and i saw the bed that he'll be in. It's the same as his last surgery. All the memories started creeping up on me when I went back there, and especially when I saw the empty bed that he used to be in in March.

The doctors today said that he's the biggest HLHS post norwood baby, and one of the healthiest. That was so nice to hear. We hear it so much from doctors, but it doesn't get old. Baby Ross is such a blessing to us, and he is so strong. I told him that he's gonna be stong like last time, and that I'm so proud of him.

Daddy Ross is doing ok. He just went to get some food. I got my starbucks, and I found a good spot to wait. They usually don't do surgery on the weekend, so it's pretty quiet over here, which is nice. I'm going to take a nap.

I'll post when we see our little man.


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Becky Williams said...

Ross and Kira!!
I am so very proud of you both.
Kira....You have done an AMAZING job keeping up with it all. Baby Ross is so healthy looking. Addie was not even that size for her Glen. Lil Ross is such a chunk and when they are that healthy they pull out of things so quickly. The Glen is nothing like the you can tell. Now it is keeping baby Ross free from infection that can appear in a hospital. Make sure all docs and nurses clean that stethoscope with Alcohol wipes and wash there hand before they touch him...and that I know you are doing. With that you will be out in a few more days for sure. We were there for a week with Addie when she had the Glen. It was really quick and we were home back to normal in no time. The next few years go so fast...when Ross is three you can do the "MAKE A WISH" and enjoy your time. We did that with Addie right before her Fontan. It was a BLAST. We forgot what a vacation was.
One more to : )
Keep in touch and send Baby Ross hugs and Kisses.