Wednesday, July 23, 2008

post op 3 news

During the night, baby Ross slept about 2 hours at a time. So, I'm falling behind on my rest too. He is starting to smile more often, and kick his legs like he does at home.

The doctors came by for their rounds, and all good news. He just got one chest tube out, and he can get the last two out tomorrow, along w/ the pacer wires. He still has the pacer wires because of a slight arrhythmia issue that he had in the OR. It wasn't a huge concern, but they are being conservative. He is NOT on digoxin anymore! his last digoxin was the night before surgery. This is great news. His heart rate is great, about 120's, and when he's mad up to 140's. His sats are still between 85-95%. He is still on nasal cannula, down from 2 liters to 1 liter. He doesn't need the oxygen, but doctors say that with the Glenn surgery, they like the kids to be on it for a few days to help w/ the pressure in the lungs. It also just transitions into the new blood flow that he's getting. He has no murmur anymore. His lungs are clear, but the chest xray showed a slight edema on the right side, which is normal for post op day 3. He is on 2 diuretics until tomorrow, he will just be on lasix.

He's eating well, and gained weight since being here. Oh, and we can return the scale from home, and return the pulse ox machine...don't need to monitor anymore at home! =)

He still has to get his pre-op echo, and his EKG looks good. They are guessing we'll be discharged Saturday. That would make it 6 days here. Yoo hoo. Things can change, but they say he is sailing right along.

Here's a picture of his incision. They just took the dressing off for good. Doctors are pleased w/ it.

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