Monday, July 14, 2008

We had a great weekend

Here are some pictures from the weekend.  Ross' family was in from out of State, so we had some fun.

Daddy feeding baby boy

His 2nd cousin, Robin

Taking a nap at Great Grandma's house, then he pee'd on it.

Folsom Outlets parking lot...and no, he's really not driving.  =)

At the Folsom Outlets

I am still really upset about his surgery being rescheduled, but we are trying to have fun this week, and we are thankful that he is doing so well right now.  Although, the other day, his sats were ranging from 73-79%.  That's unusual for him.  He also has lost 30 grams in 3 days now.  So, I just called Stanford, our N.P., Raji.  She is contacting the surgical team, and Dr. Wright.  We already have an appt w/ Dr. Wright tomorrow, but she said he might need to be seen today.  Even though he looks good, we have to pay attention to even the smallest things right now.  Raji will call me back soon to let me know of the plan.

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