Thursday, July 24, 2008

post op 4 news

Doctors just made their rounds. He can have the pacer wires out today, nice! He is feeling so much better today, and more smiles, kicking, a lot less crying, and more sleeping. He is now off the oxygen.

Now for the not so good news..yesterday, I noticed that some creamy looking stuff was coming out of his right chest tube. I told the N.P. about it, and she wasn't concerned. Another N.P. looked, and wasn't concerned. But, I knew it wasn't right. Finally, they took a lab sample, and it came back w/ a name called cholethorax. I know I'm spelling it wrong, but it's like fatty tissue's from the stomach emptying into the chest cavity, or something like that. So, the remaining 2 chest tubes need to be in another day. He might have to go on a low fat formula for awhile. The drainage is SO much better though. It's really not that bad, and the creamy stuff was only once. It might just have resolved on it's own, but we'll have to see what tomorrow brings us.

His only I.V. blew last night, so he's taking everything by mouth. He's on Tylenol codeine. He is so sleepy today, and I think it's from that. He just seems really tired.

Other than that, just sick of this place already, and it's only post op day 4! Ugh..........


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Our Family said...

I just found out from Casey's cardiologist that chylothorax is pretty common after heart surgery. Drew almost had it, and I think Arianna might be dealing with it too. At least he doesn't eat much other than formula right now, so he won't know what he's missing.
Good for you for holding your ground and making someone take a look at it.